2020-03-12 11:22:04


  1、My favorite band EXO is a Korean Boy Band.There are 12 members in total and equally divided into to bands,EXO-M which stands for EXO-Mandarin,and EXO-K which stands for EXO-Korean.

  2、They are two bands when seperate and one whole band when thery're altogether.I like them not only because they're good looking,they're also very talented as well.Dancing,singing,rapping and even things that are not related to their career.They're alwasy really nice to the fans and they're also very respectful.I love their songs and my favorite song is.

  3、The 12 boys are all well trained in SM Entertainment and they put a lot of effort into their dreams.

  4、I love watching them because they make my happy.They're the ones that made me smile when I was upset.Even though they're stars,but they're still cute boys whom are still not grown up yet.

  5、EXO is the shining star in my world,so no matter what happens I'll still support them,guard them and love them forever.

  6、I love EXO.We are one!


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